Supplier of bus interfaces, flight recorders, simulation and analyzer solutions for the avionics industry.



About us

The Goebel Company

The Goebel Company has been providing custom and standard software and hardware solutions to the avionics industry since 1996.  Our solutions are competitively priced while providing industry leading features and productivity gains.  We focus on a select set of Fortune 500 companies.


Our mission is to provide flexible and unique avionics test solutions spanning the hardware and software space, saving our customers money with attractive pricing, labor saving features, and personalized support.

Goebelyzer Analyzer and Flight Recorder solutions

Our analyzer solutions are sought out for the industry leading features unavailable from other vendors.  In fact, our capabilities are so powerful we are often presented with capture files from other vendors, to decode or replay.  Our data generation features available off the shelf exceed those available from other vendors.  Flight recorder requirements for multiple bus interfaces on a common time line are met by a variety of Goebelyzer platforms.

Avionics Data Busses

We offer a host of avionics bus interface solutions, typically supporting all interfaces for a targeted program.  These interfaces include Arinc 664, ASCB-D, 787 FCE P2P, Arinc 429, Mil Std 1553, CAN, SDLC and Async.

Avionics Driver Paradigm©

In support of our tool capabilities we have developed advances APIs for bus interfacing.  These APIs have their basis in unique driver capabilities that have been applied across our range of bus interfaces.  We are now making these API available as our Avionics Driver Paradigm.  If you have simulation requirements spanning multiple bus interfaces contact us and ask about ADP.