Supplier of bus interfaces, flight recorders, simulation and analyzer solutions for the avionics industry.


Bus Interfaces

We offer a host of avionics bus interface solutions, typically supporting all interfaces for a targeted program.  These interfaces include Arinc 664, ASCB-D, Honeywell Flight Controls IMB/ADB P2PArinc 429, Thermocouple, Waveform generator, Analog, Mil Std 1553, CAN, SDLC and Async.

Flight Recorders

Our Goebelyzer and GSERV platforms, outfitted with appropriate bus interfaces, and software solutions are used in flight recorder applications around the world.  Chose our Goebelyzer with Gtools software for multiple bus interface support or Honeywell’s TIU software for EPIC™ ASCB-D Quick Trip recordings.

Cabling and Fabrication services

Our certified cable, solder, and assembly technicians are committed to meet your schedule, cost and quality goals.  Find out why they continually receive customer accolades.  Send us your wire lists, circuit diagrams, PCB solder or rework and let us show you what customer commitment is all about.

Test Systems and Integration service

We combine all our capabilities ranging from cable and mechanical fabrication to computer systems and custom circuit design to provide complete test solutions.

Avionics Driver Paradigm©

In support of our tool capabilities we have developed advances APIs for bus interfacing.  These APIs have their basis in unique driver capabilities that have been applied across our range of bus interfaces.  We are now making these API available as our Avionics Driver Paradigm.  If you have simulation requirements spanning multiple bus interfaces contact us and ask about ADP.


Our analyzer solution features live ICD conversion to engineering units, captures on multiple interfaces on a single time line plus our Gtools productivity suite.  Gtools supports data loading, scenario generation, data replay and data generation via scripting.  Our Goebelyzer with Gtools, provides the quickest path to an off the shelf test generator for many of our customers.


Our GSIM simulation and IO platform builds on The Goebel Company’s long history in computer architecture and realtime simulation.  For fully integrated systems, including IO cards, drivers, and application APIs our customers chose GSIM systems.  For Windows based systems chose our GSERV line of avionics IO platforms.


The Goebel Company is a supplier of bus interfaces, flight recorders, analyzers and simulation test solutions for the avionics industry.  We have developed our industry leading capabilities by focusing on select programs spanning a group of Fortune 50 companies. We work closely with our customers to deliver successful solutions. This often means developing features unavailable from other vendors to satisfy customer requirements. If you have requirements or support commitments that cannot be met by other vendors contact us, and we will discuss your needs.

Our mission is to provide flexible and unique avionics test solutions spanning the hardware and software space, saving our customers money with attractive pricing, labor saving features, and personalized support.