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VPC fault insertion

Goebel introduces fault insertion capability into it’s family of Virginia Panel ITA cards.  By hosting the test instrument in the ITA the cost and complexity of wiring to a host computer card is eliminated.  The GIO-RLY card contains an embedded web server providing a simple API to the host computer, eliminating host driver software requirements.

China representative

We are pleased to announce Avisinfotech as our sales representative to the China market.  Avisinfotech is responsible for all Goebel products for the China market.  To contact Avisinfotech via email:

India representative

We proud to introduce ADS Interconnects as our representative for India.  ADS Interconnects has a long history with Goebel, and we are confident they will well serve the India market.  ADS Interconnects is the sole representative to market and support all products offered by Goebel in India.  To establish contact in email to Support@ADSinterconnects.Com.

High Definition Analog

Introducing our latest addition to our PCI card lineup an 8 channel highly accurate and versatile analog output card.  Use the high accuracy to emulate thermocouple outputs, or use the versatility of a function generator to output periodic user waveforms.  One usage case is variable frequency periodic waveforms with accuracy from 0 to 50Khz.  Ask for GIO-HDAO-P8 for your versatile analog output needs.

ASCB flight test news

In the continuing commitment to all facets of ASCB support in flight test, Goebel announces a host of new products.  For a compact and complete bus recording solution chose the GTIU-4.  This full featured rugged and compact recording computer connects to laptops via wired, or wireless ethernet.  It also runs unattended and automatically starts recording at power on.

To support transmit of preflight parameters to LRUs, the GTIU-4 can be enabled for transmit from a chassis mount or remote mount switch.  The switch provides a failsafe protection against unwanted transmit, as any disconnect of the switch will result in transmit disable.

Arinc 717 IP modules

Goebel announces support for Arinc 717 FDR/QAR both on a single IP module.  Designed to support Goebelyzer analysis of Arinc 717 signals, this IP module supports Goebel’s rich set of data analysis tools which link to customer ICDs.

Avionics discrete IP modules

In keeping with a commitment to listen to customer requirements, Goebel announces availability of avionics general purpose IO discrete IP modules supporting 32 channels.  Experience with decades of hardware designs has been distilled to produce a robust capability that exceeds specifications.

IAC/GP500 emulation IP modules

Goebel announces development of readily customizable IP modules to support a range of avionics interfaces.  One of the initial deployments is to emulate the communication bus between IAC and GP500.  In a first for the form factor, a customizable daughter card provides a prototyping platform as well as a cost effective way to deploy limited run products.

Honeywell HUMS test innovates high speed playback

Goebel’s high speed playback for HUMS Helicopter Health Management System reaches new benchmark for synchronous data playback with innovative design.  Synchronized playback of 96 channel audio, plus 1553, Arinc 429 and more provides previously unavailable test capability.  Honeywell’s HUMS is now pushing the test envelope to new levels and insuring their quality in the process.

Goebel meets milestone in C919 test bench deliveries

The Goebel Company announces delivery of number 10, of C919 Mini test benches for COMAC 919 flight controls test.  According to Mr. Goebel, “The MINI designation is a misnomer, as the bench design with 6 displays, 4 computers, and complete signal breakout and embedded Goebelyzer is not physically small.  Compared to the system benches with complete avionics it is still MINI”.  In addition to the bench milestone, this is the first instance of an LRU test being developed around unique capabilities of Goebel’s flight control interface card.  As Mr. Goebel states: “Our intelligent flight control interface cards, with 20 or 32 channels and emulation capability has allowed Honeywell to maximize their test resources through development of the MINI bench concept.  Without our interface card, they would be limited to fewer and more expensive test benches.”

Arinc 629 support

Goebel fills void in Arinc 629 test interfaces as original technologies age.  The Goebel Company is the first supplier of Arinc 629 interfaces based on new technology not dependent on legacy chipsets and components.  Future proof your Arinc 629 test and simulation interfaces with Goebel products.  The first offering employs a unique method for bus connection that does not require expensive bus couplers.  A simply attached probe allows bus sniffing and feeds into the real-time, time synchronized ICD decode of Goebelyzer.  Stay tuned for complete simulation solutions.

Honeywell enhanced ASCB-D support

The Goebel Company is the new world leader in ASCB support with Enhanced mode ASCB-D.  Honeywell’s bandwidth improved ASCB-D referred to as “Enhanced mode ASCB-D” handles significantly more data on existing ASCB-D wiring technology.  Enhanced refers not only to enhanced data capacity, but also enhanced signal characteristics.  Ensure your Enhanced ASCB-D meets all the signal requirements by making The Goebel Company your preferred supplier.

Phoenix manufacturing acquisition

The Goebel Company announces increased capability thru acquisition of a manufacturing facility in Phoenix Arizona.  As noted by Mr. Goebel: “This  facility solidifies our expansion in the complete test bench solution arena.  We are no longer limited to test bench components, but are now able to deliver complete turn key solutions”.  In addition to test bench design and fabrication, and complete quick turn wire shop for cable harness, circuit board design, and solder services.

Honeywell ETS, A664 preferred supplier

Honeywell Electronic Test Systems has selected The Goebel Company as the worldwide preferred supplier for Arinc 664 test interfaces.  As the first US supplier of Arinc 664, we have a rich and robust test interface with features unmatched by other suppliers.

Honeywell ASCB-D simulation interface

The Goebel Company is pleased to announce the selection as the provider of simulation test interfaces for ASCB-D flight bus used on Honeywell Primus EPIC®.  This test interface incorporates new features for error injection and bus status unavailable on previous generation cards.  Primus Epic is Honeywell’s integrated avionics system used by Embraer, Gulfstream, Cessna, Dassault, Agusta, and Raytheon.  Advancing the capabilities of ASCB-D test interfaces will benefit all users of Primus EPIC systems.

Lockheed Orion CEV program

Lockheed Martin has selected The Goebel Company to provide Goebelyzer bus analyzers for development of the flight control used on the CEV Flight Test Article.  Important requirements for this program include the ability to analyze, stimulate and replay avionics bus traffic, while tying into ICD data definitions..

Honeywell DSES Orion CEV program

The Goebel Company has been selected to developed a ruggedized version of Honeywell Flight controls P2P interface  for the CEV launch vehicle Flight Test Article.  The ability and willingness to develop low volume solutions at an attractive price has provided Honeywell with a competitive advantage on this program.

The Orion program for which Honeywell is a major supplier to Lockheed and NASA, utilizes Honeywell Flight Control Electronics, on the CEV FTA.  The P2P bus is the main communication bus in this system.  Other interfaces, compatible with the RS485 signaling are also utilized on this program.  In support of these requirements, The Goebel Company modified the P2P test resource to support the  additional busses as well.  The resulting card now supports P2P, RS422 SDLC, and RS422 ASYNC protocols allowing a single card to support the entire program.  This illustrates the flexibility of Firmware base FPGA solutions for handling a multitude of bus interfaces

Boeing 787 Arinc 664

A new Arinc standard 664 for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has extensions of Airbus’s AFDX® (registered trademark of Airbus) protocol.  The Goebel Company has the first test interface and analyzer solution supporting the Arinc 664 standard, complete with EDE protocol and time manager capabilities.  The firmware approach of The Goebel Company's ASCB, Arinc 664 and P2P test resources continually demonstrates it's adaptability to new requirements.  Boeing has selected The Goebel Company to provide it’s Goebelyzer Bus Analyzer as part of it’s Integrated Test Vehicle (ITV) lab.  This lab has the most stringent requirements for interfacing with all bus types, while tying into data definitions from Boeing Slate, and Honeywell SKIFF data bases,

Honeywell Flight Controls – P2P bus

For the Boeing 787 program Honeywell developed a new bus for it's flight control electronics, called the P2P bus.  The Goebel Company developed a test resource and Goebelyzer (analyzer/exerciser) for this bus which is used throughout Honeywell, and by many other vendors on the 787 program.  The test resource along with the Goebelyzer has provided capabilities above and beyond those originally envisioned.  For this reason there are many testing scenarios that are executed entirely on the Goebelyzer via the simple yet powerful scripting language.

Goebelyzer Bus Analyzer

The Goebelyzer has proven an invaluable tool for viewing data from of a variety of bus interfaces.  One of the distinguishing features is that live data is displayed during capture in engineering units based on ICD definitions.  Tools take the ICD definitions from s range of ICD data bases, and convert this to decode information for the Goebelyzer.  ICD levels can be selected for decoding the data.  Timing plots are easily generated with the click of a mouse showing timing anomalies.  Support for A664, A429, A661, A739, CAN, P2P, SDLC, ASYNC, 1553 and Analog bus types can be monitored all on a single time line.  Our decode capabilities are so powerful Boeing recently purchased our decode tools to decode data from another vendor's analyzers for importing into their data base.

AFDX® (registered trademark of Airbus)

In the early days of the A380 program few options existed for AFDX® interfaces.  Honeywell originally procured an AFDX® test resource from another vendor which was non-functional 9 months after delivery.  After exhausting efforts with the original supplier, The Goebel Company proposed to provide the solution for the A380 program.  The product was delivered in 90 days and is still in use today.