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Goebelyzer Bus Analyzer

Our Goebelyzer analyzer systems offer unparalleled insight into bus data and are used in flight test, system simulation, LRU design, verification and manufacturing test. Our Gtools suite of productivity products offer industry leading capability along with the quickest learning curve. Our tools are integrated with ICD data definitions for the corresponding programs. We provide interface cards for inclusion in customer test equipment as well as turn key Goebelyzer systems with our extensive Gtools and analyzer capabilities. Not only does it provide a rich structure for viewing data it also provides a test platform where data generation is performed under scripting or GUI control. This allows bus interfaces to be exercised while concurrently capturing and displaying data.


  1. >Display data labeled with engineering units based on ICD definitions

  2. >Raw data capture eliminates loss of data from incorrect ICD definition

  3. >Arinc 661 decoding

  4. >Supported Interfaces Arinc 664, ASCB-D, Honeywell Flight Controls P2P, Arinc 429, CAN2.0b, Mil Std 1553, RS 422 SDLC/Async, ADC

  5. >Common time base synchronized to all interfaces

  6. >GUI for generating bus traffic and error injection

  7. >Scripting language or data replay for exercising busses

  8. >Now FIDO support for 787

  9. >Now Arinc 615-a Data Loader support for Airbus and Boeing 787 programs

  10. >Now GUI control of A664 VL and Port parameters


hardware platform

  1. >Desktop or rack mount

  2. >Pro version accommodates all possible interfaces

  3. >Roll around cart

  4. >Portable briefcase units

  5. >Flight Recorder units

Goebelyzer Cart

Goebelyzer Portable

Goebelyzer Case