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A664 User Manual


Arinc 664 interfaces

From the first US supplier of Arinc 664 interfaces, the GXP1000 extends the capabilities envelope and provides Arinc 664 support including Boeing 787’s EDE protocol. Starting with the Airbus A380 program dating back to 2002, a firmware approach utilizing commercial intelligent Ethernet products has proven effective in reaching levels of functionality unattainable with other products.  Powerful APIs for data acquisition, data generation and error injection are easily mastered. For maximum capability with minimum effort our Goebelyzer and Gtools productivity products offer unparalleled capability and features.  Whether your application requires emulation of multiple end systems, or complex protocol processing and error injection, we have shown the highest performance and the greatest level of functionality.  Our products are used in high-level systems simulation, as well as LRU design, verification and manufacturing test.

Arinc 664

  1. >First supplier of Arinc 664 with EDE protocol (required for Boeing 787, COMAC C919)

  2. >Embedded PowerPc with dual 10/100/1000 RJ-45 interfaces

  3. >PCI-X or PMC form factor adaptable to PCI PCIe cPCI PXI VME VXI

  4. >On-board intelligence processes Arinc 664 protocols including redundancy, integrity, EDE management and error detection.

  5. >On-board intelligence processes application layer protocols including frame counters, application layer CRCs, and data element function generators

  6. >4000 VLs and Ports configured via API

  7. >Error checking flags or discards invalid frames under application control

  8. >Error injection allows changing frame data including length, checksum and CRC

  9. >Error injection of BAG and skew timing faults

  10. >Timing of transmit/receive data to 1.2 nanosecond resolution

  11. >Achieves network loading of 100% on multiple 100 Mbit networks

  12. >Drivers for Windows, IRIX, Linux, VxWorks and HP/UX.

Goebelyzer - Gtools

  1. >Decode based on ICD definitions, including Arinc 429 and 661 decodes.

  2. >Powerful plotting, triggering, filtering and sorting.

  3. >Import NTAR, export CSV, XML, TEXT.

  4. >Data pass through modification

  5. >Network latency measurements

  6. >Network latency insertion

  7. >Gtools productivity tools, including data loader, scripting, control panel, FIDO.