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GNIC ASCB-D bus interface

The Goebel Company announces the GNIC, next generation ASCB-D bus interface.
GNIC is designed from the ground up for simulation and supported by Honeywell TIU test systems.  Previous cards base on flight hardware components restrict the user to flight hardware capabilities.  By designing the GNIC specifically for simulation a host of new features are possible.  A single card can transmit on both left and right ASCB-D busses.  Previously two cards were required for this functionality.  A card can emulate multiple NICs including timing NICs.  NICs being emulated can be enabled or disabled independently.

Announcing Enhanced
ASCB-D support

  1. >Enhanced ASCB-D is Honeywell’s performance improved protocol.

  2. >Transparent switching between enhanced and legacy ASCB-D.

  3. >Proven performance in Honeywell SITS benches for enhanced mode.

  4. >Passed Honeywell endurance tests with zero errors.

  5. >First generation GNIC cards upgradable to Enhanced ASCB-D.

Goebelyzer - Gtools

  1. >Decode based on ICD definitions from Escape data base.

  2. >Powerful plotting, triggering, filtering and sorting.

  3. >Import NTAR, export CSV, XML, TEXT.



  1. >Transmit on left and right busses via single card

  2. >Selection of primary/backup bus for receive

  3. >Multiple NIC transmit without changing NIC registry

  4. >Single or multiple timing NIC capability

  5. >PCI universal voltage or PCIe

  6. >On board DMA controller

  7. >Instant download of NIC registry over PCI

  8. >Comprehensive bus statistics over PCI

  9. >FPGA updatable to next generation ASCB

ASCB-D software

  1. >Honeywell TIU compatible

  2. >Standard drivers for Windows and Linux

  3. >Driver software available for VxWorks, IRIX, HP-ux

  4. >Other OS drivers available on request