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Arinc 429 interfaces

The Goebel Company announces it’s family of Arinc 429 bus interfaces. Our Arinc 429 cards feature configurable rx/tx on every channel to provide maximum usefulness from single card.  Configurable channels provide the confidence of being able to BIT (Built In Test) test or even CBIT (Continuous Built In Test) channels without physical reconfiguration.  Our 32 channel PCI card provides the highest flexibility of on-board scheduling, plus continuously variable baud rates from 10 to 250KHz.  Scheduling can be kept constant with baud rate or constant in time.  This provides the greatest flexibility in parametric testing.  Gap time control and measurement is provided for parametric testing.  Cards are available in PCI, PMC, PCIe, cPCI and IP form factors.  Analyzer offering  provide pass thru data modification as well as GUI definition of IO traffic.

Arinc 429

  1. >32 channels configureable as rx or tx

  2. >Robust design using avionics grade transceivers.

  3. >All channels BIT testable.

  4. >Designed for parametric testing.

  5. >Baud rate control from 10 to 250 Khz.

  6. >gap time control on tx, measurement on rx

  7. >Scheduling of 255 labels per channel.

  8. >Scheduling on word times or msec rates.

  9. >Scheduling adjusts automatically to baud rate.

  10. >Hardware time stamping of RX words.

  11. >Cards contain dip switch addressing for positive configuration control

Arinc 429 Software

  1. >Drivers for Windows or Linux.

  2. >Driver API provides simplified intuitive control.

  3. >Fully qualified on Honeywell TIU/VCTE software.

  4. >Goebelyzer/Gtools software available for GUI control of card functions.

  5. >Gtools configuration of card functions.

  6. >Gtools real time control of card functions.

  7. >Gtools Scriptable interface with your choice of scripting language.

  8. >Software upgradable FPGA programming.