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High Definition Analog Output

The Goebel Company announces HDAO for a variety of analog output, including thermocouple output and waveform generation. HDAO has 8 channels of variable range output.  The low range provides outputs suitable for highly accurate thermocouple simulation.  All ranges provide on-board generation of signals i.e. wave form generation, as well as traditional analog outputs.  Goebel’s HDAO card is a new generation of analog output providing versatile use cases on a single card.

HDAO is designed from the ground up for high accuracy and versatility. Designing HDAO specifically for accuracy and versatility makes a host of new features possible.  Our unique wave form generator provides accurate representation of low frequencies from zero to 50KHz.

High Definition Analog Output

  1. >Supports 8 channels of variable range outputs.

  2. >High accuracy achieved by dedicated DC-DC converters for each channel.

  3. >Outputs stable across varying temperatures.

  4. >Each channel configurable for function.

  5. >Thermocouple function supports B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T thermocouple types.

  6. >Waveform generation supports sine wave or user specified wave form.

  7. >Waveform generation support continuously variable Hz rate from zero to 50K Hz.

  8. >On board calibration data automatically applied.

  9. >Software updatable FPGA for custom functions.

  10. >Hardware range support for +- 100 mV, +-1V, +-5V, +-10V.

  11. >Hardware clipping of exceeded voltages


ASCB-D software

  1. >Drivers for Windows or Linux.

  2. >Driver API provides simplified intuitive control.

  3. >Fully qualified on Honeywell TIU/VCTE software.

  4. >Software range specification and enforcement independent of hardware ranges

  5. >Goebelyzer/Gtools software available for GUI control of card functions.

  6. >Gtools configuration of card functions.

  7. >Gtools real time control of card functions