Supplier of bus interfaces, flight recorders, simulation and analyzer solutions for the avionics industry.



Accurate, consistent, and capable test benches are essential to the development of safe, reliable, and profitable avionics. Whether you are designing a total integration of aircraft avionics for system testing, or a subsystem to test a specific product the Goebel Company can meet your needs. We use the latest technology, ergonomics, and form factors to ensure the longevity and capability of your test bench. We work closely with our customer to ensure satisfaction with Goebel test products.

Bench Design

Planning and design

The Goebel Company is made up of a multi-disciplined staff of engineers capable taking the most challenging concepts and designs to production. As we design your bench you will see it come together as a 3d mechanical model and a manageable system of electrical interconnects. The customer will be allowed to see the bench conceptually before it is built adding an extra layer of confidence and insurance that the bench will meet or exceed customer satisfaction.


The manufacturing phase of your test bench is critical to meet the delivery dates. Our in house cable assembly and machine shop gives us the flexibility to meet custom requirements and difficult to build features of the test bench. Both engineers and assembly technicians actively participate in the build process, allowing a seamless integration of design and fabrication.

Test and install

After your bench has been manufactured, it undergoes both individual component testing and extensive system testing. This level of testing helps uncover unexpected problems from system interactions. The goal is to achieve a fully functional and reliable product on delivery.



Fast response and resolution of bench issues is critical. We understand the pressure to deliver products on time and the importance of having a fully functioning test bench at all times.

The Goebel Company provides support for all of its products under a comprehensive support plan. On call support personal and quick responses from customer inquiries will give you confidence in the delivered product.

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